JMDG Architecture Naples Doing Good in SWFL

JMDG Architecture Naples Doing Good in SWFL

August 9, 2019

For Profits & Non-Profits…Coming Together For Change

This month was the first of many, Doing Good in SWFL mixers and we were happy to be a sponsor.

What is Doing Good in SWFL?

Mixers dedicated to all SWFL do-gooders, nonprofits with worthy missions, volunteers with hearts to help, brands who care and community cause advocates for social GOOD. A group of non-profits and for profits coming together to support one another and the causes we fight for. Each mixer showcases a particular not for profit and/or need. Those who gather (local “do-gooders”) learn about the not for profits goals and needs and we band together to help! We can learn so much from each other.

“We are looking for ways to help people live more grateful and generous lives through good deeds, Corporately and individually”. ~Sissy Smith, Founding Member of DOING GOOD in SWFL

Why we decided to participate with Doing Good in SWFL

Overall, as a firm we want to be intentional in all the things we do.  Doing good outside these walls strengthens our company’s values and creates a culture…The best part? It’s not just the community that’s positively impacted—giving back also has an amazing effect on us individually, all of our employees and our business as a whole.

FACT: Studies show small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to local non-profits and community causes.

Look out for the next mixer

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